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Scott Johnson


Joined Third Coast Bank in January 2016 as SVP in Commercial Lending and has since held numerous roles including:

    • Houston President
    • Houston Regional President
    • Executive Director of Operations
    • South Houston Area President
    • and currently, Third Coast Commercial Capital President

Over 38 years’ experience in a financial role; 10 years outside of banking (2005-2015) and over 28 years inside banking (1985-2005) & (2016 to current), including 3 years with the FDIC a banking regulator (1985-1988).

  • Previous owner of GAAP Financial Services, LLC from 2008-2015
    • While an owner of GAAP, supplied contract CFO duties to a group of 25 companies consisting of 14 domestic companies and 11 international companies.
    • Implemented financial enhancements to the group of 25 companies that allowed for audited financials.
    • The 25 companies had combined Sales of over $300 million annually.
    • The 25 companies had over 300 domestic/ international employees and 800 contingent workers.
    • Negotiated a partial sale of a company to Schlumberger.
    • Negotiated and setup a foreign joint venture in Mexico.
    • Negotiated the purchase of a domestic environmental company.
    • Created a self-insured health benefit plan for employees.
    • Administered an investment in and participated in the daily management of a homogenous captive insurance company.
    • Elected to participate as Director in the Investment Committee of the Captive insurance association with over $2 billion under management.
    • Fiduciary over health and 401K plans.

Experience in managing accounting, human resources, and information technology departments.

Developed numerous pricing models for domestic and international application incorporating international labor obligations.

GAAP Financial Services received awards including:

    • 2015 Best of the Best Overall Winner in the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” in Houston.
    • Houston Chronicle’s 2014 “Top Places to Work For” 8th place winner in the small company More than 78,000 Houston-area employees evaluated their employers, rating their companies in areas of opportunities for advancement, the value of pay and benefits, and their bosses’ communication and management skills.
    • 2014 Best of the Best Small Business.
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