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Working Capital Solutions for Houston, Texas

Third Coast Commercial Capital, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Third Coast Bank SSB, provides working capital solutions for small to medium sized businesses in the Houston, TX area.  Through the purchase and management of Accounts Receivable (invoices), Third Coast Commercial Capital, Inc. is able to help companies take advantage of new business opportunities and continue to grow and be successful.

Factoring can often be a huge help for small business owners as it can free up cash which would otherwise be tied up in unpaid invoices.  Many businesses also turn to factoring their invoices because they cannot qualify for a traditional line of credit at their local bank.  There are many reasons a small business may experience a turn down with their local bank; start up business, poor personal credit, customer concentrations, lack of collateral, balance sheet issues.  The good news is that most of those situations are not a problem for a good invoice factoring company.

Third Coast Commercial Capital, Inc. can help with turning invoices to cash through factoring.  If you are a business owner in need of working capital please contact us today!

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